Supplier Partners

Terra Firma works collaboratively with our Supplier Partners to better understand evolving needs while helping provide innovative chemistries and creative solutions that our collective Customers have come to expect from us.

Specifically, we work with these Supplier Partners in your area:

Acrylic Resins, Alkyd Resins, Polyester Resins, Solventborne & Waterborne, Epoxy Dispersions and Amine Hardeners, Solvent & Waterborne Acrylic Polyols, Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions, Waterborne Alkyd Emulsions, Epoxy, Ester Resins, Amino Crosslinkers, Coating Additives, UV / EB Curable Resins.

CHEMPOL®, SYNAQUA®, SYNOCURE® alkyd emulsions, acrylic resins, polyesters, polyols and epoxy esters; CRAYVALLAC®, ECODIS™, COADIS™, COAPUR™, RHEOTECH™, RHEOSOLVE™, POLYPHOBE™, THIXOL™ HEUR and HASE rheology modifiers, dispersing agents and surface modifiers; SILPORITE® molecular sieve powders.

DURANATE™ hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)-based polyisocyanates.

Phenalkamine epoxy curing agents, phenalkamide epoxy curing agents, epoxy resins, diluents, modifiers, polyols.

WALOCEL™, DLP™, DRYCRYL™, RHOPLEX™, LIPACRYL™, ROVACE™ hydroxyethyl and hydroxyproply methyl cellulose (HEMC, HPMC) thickener additives. Vinyl-acetate ethylene (VA/E) and acrylic redispersible polymer powders. Acrylic emulsion polymers for construction applications.

Butvar® Polyvinyl butyral resins.

K-FLEX Plasticizers.

POLYVEST®, POLYOIL®, VESTOPLAST®, VESTAGON®, DYNACOLL®, DYNAPOL® liquid polybutadienes and derivatives, amorphous poly-apha-olefins (APAO), polyester polyols, crosslinking agents, polyester resins.

Polyurethane dispersions.

INCOZOL®, ALDIREZ® oxazolidane moisture scavenger and reactive diluent for polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. Bis-aldimine accelerator for moisture cure polyurethane primers.

Flow/leveling agents, matting hardenrers, HAA crosslinker and waxes.

EPOKUKDO™, POLYDO™ Epoxy resins, Curing Agents and Polyether Polyols. Resins – Bisphenol-A (BPA) , Bisphenol-F, Novolac, Waterborne Resins,, Brominated Epoxy, Hydrogenated BPA Epoxy, Non-Halogen Flame Retardant Epoxy, Multi-Functional and Low Temperature Cure Epoxy. Curing Agents and Accelerators – Polyamides, Polyamide Adducts, Amidoamines, Alpihaptic; Amines, Cycloapliphatic Amines, Aromatic Amines, Phenalkamines, Waterborne Agents, Accelerators and Catalysts.

Test charts and surface test laboratory equipment.

MXDA and 1,3 BAC.

CoatOSil® Additives, Silquest® Silanes, Fom-Rez Tin Catalysts, Silblock™ Masonry Water Repellent.

Hydrocarbon resins.

Ethylene amines – AEP Aminoethylpiperazine, DETA Diethylenetriamine, TEPA Tetraethylenepentamine, TETA Triethylenetriamine.

Organofunctional silanes adhesion promoters.

TERASPARTIC®, TERACHEM®, TALLICIN® polyaspartic amines and additives.

Pchem acrylic resins, beads, powders, pellets and solutions.

Degalan®, Degadur®, Degaroute® solid methacrylate resin binders, solvent-free cold-curing methacrylate systems for fast installations and high traffic flooring areas, recycled methy methacrylate binders for road markings offering lower CO2 footprint.

Co-polyester resins: dry and solution versions and tpe grades.