Terra Firma – a super multi-regional specialty chemicals distributor

Collectively, we are now able to provide comprehensive representation for our world class supply partners throughout 26 states and across 14 different end-use markets. We do so with technically trained sales individuals focused exclusively on solving the ever changing needs of our 1,700 plus customers.

We understand that specialty chemical distributors are first and foremost in the service business. As such, we are 100% committed to being geographically proximate to the markets we serve in every way possible.

Our regionally focused business model emphasizes our clear commitment to stay close to our customers. Rather than centralize customer service, we proudly maintain three full-service offices in Baltimore, Boston, and Dallas. Each Terra Firma location has its own tenured and highly dedicated customer service and support team; each with access to our 12 customer order fulfillment centers

Local Sales. Local Customer Service. Local Inventory.

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