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Terra Firma works collaboratively with our Supplier Partners to better understand evolving needs while helping provide innovative chemistries and creative solutions that our collective Customers have come to expect from us.

Specifically, we work with these Supplier Partners in your area:

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A.H.A International Co. Ltd

Triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC), matting agents and hardeners for low, semi and high gloss powder coating systems including HAA systems. Lithium phosphate.


CHEMPOL®, SYNAQUA®, SYNOCURE® alkyd emulsions, acrylic resins, polyesters, polyols and epoxy esters; CRAYVALLAC®, ECODIS™, COADIS™, COAPUR™, RHEOTECH™, RHEOSOLVE™, POLYPHOBE™, THIXOL™ HEUR and HASE rheology modifiers, dispersing agents and surface modifiers; SILPORITE® molecular sieve powders.

Asahi Kasei

DURANATE™ hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)-based polyisocyanates.


CASUCOL™, OPAGEL™, ADDILOSE™, SOLVITOSE®, FOXCRETE™, COLLE™ modified starch ether additives for cement and gypsum systems.

Blackburn Chemicals

DISPELAIR® liquid and powder foam control and shrink reducing agents.

Brilliant Group

Specialty fluorescent and phophorescent pigments and optical brighteners for water-based and solvent-based systems.


DORSIMIX®, DURASTONE®, GRANUCOL®, DORSICOAT®, DORSILIT® functional fillers and coloured high-tech quartz sand.

Dow Construction

WALOCEL™, DLP™, DRYCRYL™, RHOPLEX™, LIPACRYL™, ROVACE™ hydroxyethyl and hydroxyproply methyl cellulose (HEMC, HPMC) thickener additives. Vinyl-acetate ethylene (VA/E) and acrylic redispersible polymer powders. Acrylic emulsion polymers for construction applications.

Eternal Synthetic Materials

ETERMER™, ETERCURE™ UV cure resin oligomers, monomers, photoinitiators. ETERAC™, ETERANE™, ETERSOL™, ETERKYD™, ETERASP™, ETERWAT™, ETERFLON™ Alkyds, polyurethane dispersions (PUD), acrylic polyols, polyasparric esters, fluoropolymer emulsions, pure acrylic emulsions, styrene acrylic emulsions, hydroxy functional 2K urethane concrete coating, alkyd modified acrylic concrete sealer.


POLYVEST®, POLYOIL®, VESTOPLAST®, VESTAGON®, DYNACOLL®, DYNAPOL® liquid polybutadienes and derivatives, amorphous poly-apha-olefins (APAO), polyester polyols, crosslinking agents, polyester resins.

Genesis Biosciences

EVOGEN, EVOZYME, EVOBAC, ECO-BENIGN®, BIOSAN microbial concentrates.

Incorez UK

INCOZOL®, ALDIREZ® oxazolidane moisture scavenger and reactive diluent for polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. Bis-aldimine accelerator for moisture cure polyurethane primers.