Burgess Pigment Company

Burgess products have been widely accepted in the paint, wire and cable, plastic, rubber, cementitious and related industries. The key to the success of these products has been our awareness of customer requirements, stringent quality control, prompt delivery, and experienced technical service. By selection of one or more combination of Burgess products, the formulator or compounder can enhance the physical, optical, and chemical properties of final products. Experienced technical personnel in our laboratory can help develop the most efficient approaches with these products.

Flashed calcined kaolin clay: Optiwhite®, Optiwhite MX®, Optiwhite P®, 30-P®; Water washed kaolin clay: Burgess NO. 10®, Burgess NO. 17®, Burgess NO. 20®, Burgess NO. 28®, Burgess NO. 40®, Burgess NO. 60®, Burgess NO. 97®, Burgess Polyclay®, Therma Glace®; Conventional calcined clay: Icecap®, Icecap K®, Iceberg®, Burgess 30®; Highly Reactive Metakaolin: Optipozz®; Surface treated kaolin clay: Burgess KE®, Burgess 2211®, Burgess 5178®, Burgess CB®.

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