our story

Behind every great brand is a great story; please allow us to introduce you to ours.

Our name, Terra Firma (Latin for solid ground), is our mission statement.

Be Solid Ground. To Our Family of Employees. Our Customers. Our Supply Partners.

We have always seen our role as the “space between” our customers and suppliers, like mortar amid bricks. Our longevity has allowed us to provide both with dependable and familiar faces that are always ready to serve. And by offering this stability, we can focus on the evolving changes in the markets we serve while remaining a valued and dependable constant.

We take pride in being part of the chemistry sciences industry; and will continue our endeavor to be worthy of a place in your story. In the end, it is only by listening, and working together to solve problems, that we all collectively succeed.

Our partners (left to right): Mike Barnes, John Lukens, Shawn Zeigler, Kevin Trainor, Julia Williams, David Behan, and William Chestnutt.

On behalf of the Terra Firma family and our 100% privately held partnership, thank you for your patronage and faith. We truly believe that Nothing Compares to Solid Ground. Nothing.