our story

Behind every great brand is a great story; please allow us to introduce you to ours.

Recently, our three companies made a collective decision (link to 7-16 press release PDF) to become one of the nation’s first “super multi-regional specialty chemical distributors.” This was facilitated by our closely shared values, strong belief in customer centricity, and changes in world markets.

Our new identity, Terra Firma, represents our vision of sure footing during changing times. Since 1949 (Dunleary), 1951 (DN Lukens), and 1975 (D&F), we have maintained a tradition of integrity that will continue as we embrace our new mission statement:

Be Solid Ground.
To our family of employees. Our Customers. Our Principals.

We have always seen our role as the “space between” our customers and principal partners, like mortar amid bricks. Our longevity has allowed us to provide both with dependable and familiar faces that are always ready to serve. And by offering this stability, we allow them to focus on necessary changes while we remain a valued constant.

Today, Terra Firma has an armada of seasoned chemical sales personnel whom we call Solutions Executives. They and our Service Ambassadors (inside support) allow us to comprehensively cover the geographic markets we service.

We will not centralize operations or customer service. To the contrary – we plan to stay local. Local sales. Local customer service. Local distribution. Local histories. Baltimore. Boston. Dallas. We are part of these communities and pride ourselves on that.

Most importantly, we will continue our endeavor to be worthy of a place in your story. In the end, it’s only by listening and working together to solve problems that we all collectively succeed.